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24 Signs You Might Be A Full-On Vegan

By September 16, 2013Mind Body Green

You might be a full-on vegan if…..

  1. You have chia seed packets in your purse.
  2. You’ve packed a Nutribullet for vacation.
  3. You don’t eat honey but you have no idea why.
  4. You refer to Bill Clinton as VOTUS.
  5. You have the Happycow.net app on your smartphone.
  6. You beam when Train sings “the best soy latte you have ever had.”
  7. You post pictures of smoothies on Instagram.
  8. You own a “Kale is the new beef” T-shirt.
  9. You know that a Rich Roll is not a kind of danish.
  10. You order only side dishes at restaurants.
  11. Your kitchen calendar is from a farmer’s market.
  12. You have sublingual, tablet and spray B12 in your cabinet.
  13. You have five flavors of hummus in your refrigerator.
  14. You think blue green algae tastes good.
  15. You give copies of Forks Over Knives as stocking stuffers.
  16. You know the difference between nori, spirulina, and maca.
  17. You put kale chips in lunch boxes.
  18. You think Daiya is a city near Camembert in France.
  19. You have an “I am not a chick nugget” sticker on your Mac.
  20. You don’t remember what your own body odor smells like.
  21. You read Dr. Mercola but skip over the quality animal protein recommendations.
  22. You’ve said “Rawesome!” out loud, in public, when tasting chia pudding.
  23. You know what it’s like to crave Two Moms in the Raw granola.
  24. You take longer to pee than to poop.

Originally posted on MindBodyGreen.com