QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor


Product Description

Do you recognize the early warning signs of high blood pressure?

Actually, for most people there aren’t any. Typically people find out they have high blood pressure by chance – your best bet is to keep an eye on your blood pressure routinely.

QardioArm makes it easy to measure your blood pressure regularly and to take control of your heart health. In fact, QardioArm users measure their blood pressure 3 times more often than other blood pressure monitor owners.

Here’s how QardioArm makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of your health:

QardioArm is simple and easy to use
It’s much easier to use than the old style cuff and pump. There are no more hoses to worry about, no more schedules to forget. Just unwrap the cuff and QardioArm connects via bluetooth to your smartphone. Then tap start and you’re good to go!

Never miss a measurement again
Set up reminders in the Qardio App to prompt you to take a measurement at a time that works for you.

Use it anytime, anywhere
QardioArm is portable and discreet so you can stay on top of your heart health wherever you go.

Ensure highest accuracy
Use triple measurement averaging to get the most accurate readings. The photo sideshow feature helps you relax during measurements, further improving accuracy.

Make sense of your data
View your results on a color-coded WHO chart so you know what your numbers mean and follow your trends with simple graphs and charts.

Share data with your doctor
No need to wait for your next appointment, you can email your blood pressure data to your doctor directly from the Qardio App. Keep your doctor informed between visits.

Irregular heartbeat detection
QardioArm detects irregular heartbeat so you can discus it with your doctor and decide on appropriate course of action.

3 Year Warranty – Compatible with iOS & Android – Free Shipping