QardioBase 2 Body Composition Scale


Product Description

Get fit the smart way with QardioBase 2 body composition scale, your new favorite fitness companion.

Understand what difference your training and diet are making
If you’re losing fat and gaining muscle these changes in your body may not be reflected in your weight. Get the full picture with body composition readings so you know exactly how you’re doing. QardioBase 2 tracks body fat, muscle, water and bone percentages.

Build new habits that have an impact
Did you know that people who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to reach their goals? Set up a reminder in the Qardio App to step on your QardioBase 2 regularly. It’s the easiest thing you can do to look after your health.

Set and track goals
Set goals and monitor your daily or weekly progress with our intelligent results tracking. If you’re tired of obsessing over the numbers on a scale, switch to our unique Smart Feedback mode, which uses expressive icons like smiley faces instead of numbers to indicate progress. Works with MyFitnessPal so you can track your nutrition alongside your weight progress.

Best-in-class accuracy
Next generation sensor system gives greater accuracy and quicker measurements.

Award-winning design
QardioBase 2 is as beautiful as it is smart. Ultra thin and lightweight, it has a glass top and an easy-to-read LED display. Recognized by the Architectural Digest as looking better than “just about every other scale on the market”.

3 Year Warranty – Compatible with iOS & Android – Free Shipping