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A passionate, compelling, and scientific argument for plant-based nutrition 

Are you ready to feel better, look better, and heal the planet at the same time? Then it’s time to revolutionize your health from the inside out. With The Plant-Based Solution, leading cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn shows how everyone can cultivate optimal well-being with a whole-foods, plant-based diet.
Known as America’s Healthy Heart Doc, Dr. Kahn has already helped thousands of people prevent and reverse heart disease. But what about other chronic conditions, such as adult diabetes, obesity, gut health, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, and even low sex drive? It turns out that all these conditions and more can be improved with a plant-based diet—and Dr. Kahn has the evidence to prove it.
Drawing from decades of experience, Dr. Kahn brings together a wealth of scientific research and in-depth case studies to clearly demonstrate how you can take charge of your own health. Highlights include:

  • Learn how you can lose weight, get off medication, reduce your risk of cancer, and reverse diabetes with a plant-based diet
  • Myth-busting—why most people get it wrong when it comes to calcium, protein, carbs, and more
  • The surprising links between a vegan diet and your sex drive, gut health, and brain chemistry
  • Why plants might hold the key to better aging
  • Understand exactly what’s happening inside your body, so you can decide for yourself what to eat and why
  • Inspiration from the real-life stories of people who have healed chronic illnesses
  • Simple tips to start your transition into veganism—including eating out, stocking your pantry, and visiting others
  • A thoughtful exploration of how your health and the health of the planet are intertwined
  • Nourishment for the soul—cultivating empathy and compassion through vegan living
  • Includes a 21-day meal plan with over 60 delicious, easy recipes—including bonus recipes from Dr. Kahn’s popular vegan restaurant, the GreenSpace Café

“Every day we have within our hands the power of choosing to honor our bodies, to promote inner and outer well-being, to heal our planet, and to treat animals with kindness and respect,” writes Kahn. With The Plant-Based Solution, he provides an entertaining, compelling, and practical guide for improving your health through plant-based nutrition.

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The Plant-Based Solution uses real life case studies and concise explanations of science to reveal how plant-based comfort foods can bring about a vibrant, healthy life. It’s compelling and well researched.” —Brian Wendel, president of Forks Over Knives

The Plant-Based Solution is a powerful Rx for health that combines the wisdom of a doctor who spent thirty years treating life-threatening clogged heart arteries with his passion for disease prevention. He eloquently describes why even though coronary heart disease is still the #1 cause of death, it’s completely preventable for most people—today. And what’s good for you is also good for our planet, so healing occurs at all levels.” —Dean Ornish, MD, founder and president of Preventive Medicine Research Institute, author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

“If you are serious about increasing both your LIFESPAN and your HEALTHSPAN, then The Plant-Based Solution is for you! Dig in as Dr. Kahn shares his wisdom and learnings from over thirty years as a visionary cardiologist at the forefront of treating disease with the most powerful medicine on the planet…plant-strong foods!” —Rip Esselstyn, founder of Engine 2

“Hands down, the science is irrefutable—there is no question that eating more plants makes you healthier, and as Dr. Kahn contends “sexier,” too. Knowing this information, how can anyone pass up the opportunity to eat more of these enlivening colors every day? Fortunately, Dr. Kahn will show you how to make this happen in creative ways.” —Deanna Minich, PhD, author of Whole Detox

“Dr. Kahn shares his passion for healthy plant-based solutions in this energetic new book. As a plant-based chef, I am thrilled to see members of the medical community finally supporting the need for animal-free diets, and clearly demonstrating how practical, enjoyable, and rewarding a plant-based lifestyle can be. I applaud his work and look forward to the day these viewpoints are the normal. We will all be healthier, happier, and enjoy our food like never before.” —Matthew Kenney, founder and chef creative officer of Plant Lab

“Joel Kahn is one of the great medical pioneers in helping patients actually preserve health, and not just curing sickness after the fact. The Plant-Based Solution belongs on the bookshelf of anyone serious about making the transition to a plant-based diet and living a longer, better life.” —Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author of Blue Zones

“The medical world is moving to acknowledge the health benefits of a vegan diet. It is rare, however, for a doctor to call for plants on the plate to benefit animals. In The Plant-Based Solution, Dr. Kahn raises the bar as a compassionate healer. Kindness to animals nurtures our humanity and presents another path for physicians to heal themselves and the planet. A must read.” —Gene Baur, president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary and author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life 

“Dr. Kahn elucidates keys to avoiding the ravages of the American diet in a very personal and entertaining way.” —Kim Allan Williams, MD, professor and chief of cardiology, Rush University Medical Center

“Few people bring to plant-based eating the expansive insights of Dr. Kahn. He is deeply concerned about people and planet alike, steeped in the relevant research and theory, and devoted to the practicalities of practice for his patients as a cardiologist, for his customers as a restaurateur, and for himself and his family. In The Plant-Based Solution, Dr. Kahn shares an empowering blend of conviction, expertise, experience, and understanding that leads reliably to a better medical destiny.” —David L. Katz, MD, director of Yale University Prevention Research Center, founder of True Health Initiative

“In The Plant Based Solution, Dr. Kahn utilizes an encyclopedic range of references that solidify his goal of establishing whole-food, plant-based nutrition as the foundation to eliminate chronic illness and optimize well-being.” —Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

“It is rare to find the trifecta of a practicing cardiologist with decades of experience in plant-based nutrition, a book that outlines the sciences of the health advantages of this dietary pattern, and recipes packed with nutrition and taste. Put them together and The Plant Based Solution is a must-read for your health and that of the planet. Bravo!” —Michael Greger, MD, founder of, author of How Not to Die

“This book will change your life. The Plant Based Solution gives you everything you need to put the power of food to work for health. With Dr. Kahn’s medical and scientific expertise and his engagingly simple, no-nonsense approach, this book will put you on the path to success.” —Neal D. Barnard, MD, president of Physicians Committee

“Dr. Kahn is a beautiful, living, breathing example of what the future of medicine will be. His practice is the perfect blend of kindness and honesty while empowering his patients with the tools to live healthier lives. The Plant Based Solution is a guide to preventing chronic diseases in an affordable and delicious way that your family will enjoy and benefit from.” —Marco Borges, author of New York Times bestselling The 22-Day Revolution

“Wow—how could anyone read The Plant-Based Solution and NOT want to go vegan? Dr. Kahn pulls no punches as he presents page after page of incontrovertible evidence for the astounding health benefits of a plant-based diet, in a surprisingly readable style that is infused with passion, personality, and the perspective that only comes from thirty-plus years practicing lifestyle medicine. If you’re looking for all the motivation you’ll ever need to change your diet, read this book.” —Matt Frazier, plant-based ultramarathoner, author of No Meat Athlete 

“Dr. Kahn offers the world a clearly preferable alternative to heart attacks and stent operations. This amazing cardiologist will save your heart, literally, by teaching you a simple way to prevent getting sick in the first place. Read this book. Add years to your life. It could literally save your life.” —Jane Velez-MitchellNew York Timesbestselling author and journalist

The Plant-Based Solution is filled with passion, power, and persuasion in adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet. From rants to recipes, this book covers it all. Joel Kahn is really a Doctor of Vegetable Wisdom—I should know—he saved my life, and he can save yours too. Read this book before it’s too late!” —Steven C. Fischer, PhD, nutritional psychologist

“If you want to seize control of your health and the health of the planet, then this is the book for you. Born out of decades of clinical experience, Dr. Kahn guides us through the how and why of plant-based nutrition. This book is a lifesaver.” —Robert Ostfeld, MD, director of preventive cardiology, Montefiore Health System

“Dr. Kahn describes the path of optimizing the mind, body, and spirit using compassionate nutrition focused on health, the planet, and kindness to animals. The lessons in The Plant-Based Solution, combined with the recipes, are a fast track to both feeling good and doing good.” —Jason Wachob, founder and CEO,, author of Wellth 

“Why not reverse high blood pressure and obliterate heart attacks instead of merely managing it to reduce risk a bit? In The Plant Based Solution, Dr. Kahn lays out the evidence to save millions of lives and our bloated and ineffective health care system.” —Joel Fuhrman, MD, president of Nutritional Research Foundation, New York Timesbestselling author

“Dr. Kahn is one of my favorite experts when it comes to healing the body from inside out. I love his approach on preventing disease through nutrition.” —Donovan Green, Dr. Oz’s personal trainer; founder,