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If you want to know more about my path to an Interpreventional cardiologist, the road to America's Holistic Heart Doc, here goes. I was accepted into a special program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that combined undergraduate and medical studies into a 6-year plan. I worked hard and graduated number 1...

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Isn't it all "take this pill and see you in 6 months?" True heart healing is much deeper and looks at genetics, diet, allergies, infections, stress, relaxation strategies, habits, community connections, environmental toxins, and other mediators of health and disease. By taking the "bad" things out and putting more "good" things into the body, true healing and disease prevention can occur.

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  • April 1is National Walking Day. Everyday is standing day! See me on FOX 2 Detroit with Deena Centofanti at 940 AM today discussing your health. #fitness #health #stand #walk

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    In our modern sedentary culture we sit way too much. That’s clearly the conclusion of the research. But that research also highlights the obvious remedy: standing!

    Posted By Dr. Joel Kahn - America's Holistic Heart Doc

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Jeff S., Bloomfield, Michigan

Dr. Kahn has given me a new perspective on how I eat, and how cutting out things like processed foods, meats and sugars from my diet can actually make me feel physically better and more energetic throughout the day.