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NEWS FLASH: COMING OCTOBER 1, 2015 THE KAHN CENTER FOR CARDIAC LONGEVITY I am establishing the most advanced early detection, treatment and reversal clinic for heart conditions so that YOU do NOT have to suffer a heart attack. Emphasizing early imaging of arteries using techniques NOT yet available in the area, the most extensive laboratory evaluation for the correctable root causes of heart disease, and treatments proven to halt and reverse established heart disease, this CLINIC will be like no other. With offices in Bloomfield Township and Grosse Pointe Farms, the Kahn Clinic will treat a few patients that want the best medical care available offering NATURAL treatments whenever possible. Sleep therapy, nutrition, complementary treatments, supplements, stress management, fitness, and team management with other health experts. Details will follow soon and look for updates. Logo Remember, Dr. Kahn was 1st in his medical class at University of Michigan 1st in his residency class for clinics and research at U of M 1st in his fellowship to publish a science paper every 2 weeks 1st physician to be certified by University of South Florida in Metabolic Cardiology 1st place bestselling books The Whole Heart Solution and Dead Execs Don't Get Bonuses

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Isn't it all "take this pill and see you in 6 months?" True heart healing is much deeper and looks at genetics, diet, allergies, infections, stress, relaxation strategies, habits, community connections, environmental toxins, and other mediators of health and disease. By taking the "bad" things out and putting more "good" things into the body, true healing and disease prevention can occur.

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  • Coronary artery calcium CT scan. This score was 16. Early but detected and can be reversed

    Posted By Dr. Joel Kahn - America's Holistic Heart Doc

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