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I’m A University Cardiologist. Here’s Why I’m Open to ESP

By December 31, 2015Mind Body Green

I’ve been a practicing cardiologist for 26 years. My practice is unusual in that I recommend tai chi, yoga, meditation, sauna, chelation, vitamin therapy, and other modalities. I believe in science, but I also believe that science does not explain everything we observe.

My heart treatments all have a basis in medical research and science that are described in my book The Whole Heart Solution.

Until recently, I’d never had experience in my practice with ESP (extra-sensory perception), but I knew a few close friends who were certain that they had been helped by persons with psychic abilities.

A recent experience with a patient has now made me a believer too.

I believe in science, but I also believe that science does not explain everything we observe.

Let’s call him Tim. When we met earlier this year, he was a vigorous and grounded man. After a discussion about silent heart disease and advanced methods of detecting it, I recommended a heart calcium CT scan to evaluate the possible impact of his high cholesterol levels.

I reminded Tim several times that he had to call and schedule this examination at the local hospital. Yet month after month, he delayed doing this.

Finally, he called me just a few weeks ago to say that he had gone for it. I was startled when I checked on it and found he had nearly the highest “score” of silent heart disease burden I had seen in the past 15 years. Basically, he was walking around with arteries chock full of blockage and had no clues or warning signs.

After a stress test examination that was abnormal, he had a heart catheterization showing severe blockages in all of his heart arteries including the “widowmaker” artery, the most serious location for a blockage that can cause sudden death.

After getting several opinions, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery this week.

While visiting him a few days after the surgery, I asked him why he finally went for the heart CT scan. He looked at me matter-of-factly and answered, “The psychic told me to get it done.”

Well, I’d certainly never heard that one before. He had a sincere look on his face and I asked him to tell me more.

He explained that his girlfriend regularly visited a well-known psychic and had convinced him to go for the first time. That morning his left leg ached but he ignored it and drove to the appointment. His “low-tire light” was on as he approached her office.

I’m all for whatever it takes to get someone to take proactive steps for their health.

On entering, he quickly was asked why he was ignoring his tires and what was wrong with his left leg! He was shocked but even more so when he left 15 minutes later and the psychic turned and said “get the heart test done.” And that was all she wrote, so to speak.

I firmly believe Tim will live an extra decade or more now that his silent but advanced heart disease has been identified and the initial therapy, surgery, has been accomplished. An in-depth nutrition, fitness, and mind-body program is to follow to keep him healthy. He has adopted a plant-based diet and is beginning cardiac rehabilitation this month.

I’m also convinced that without the visit to the psychic he would have been at grave risk of dying suddenly, as hundreds of thousands of people do.

So what is the take-away message?

I can’t speak to the power of ESP for certain, as very few scientific studies have addressed this topic. That said, a few do suggest the reality of psychic powers.

I do know that I’m all for whatever it takes to get someone to take the proactive steps for the health check-up they need.

As a cardiologist, I’m always open to the possibility that I don’t know everything and that other, mysterious forces are at work. Tim reminded me once again to stay humble and learn from my patients.

Photo Credit: Stocksy

Originally posted on MindBodyGreen.com