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How tragedies negatively affect our health and what you can do about it

By October 5, 2017Uncategorized

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 – What happened in Las Vegas is weighing heavy on the hearts of those who were in the middle of it all, as well as those across the rest of the country.

Joining FOX 2 is America’s healthy heart doctor, Dr. Joel Kahn to talk about how these tragic events may be affecting our body’s negatively.

Kahn says it translates into what we do and what we don’t do. Some people may be skipping sleep to check updates on their phones, and skipping workouts because they’re tired, and picking up a donut because they’re feeling uptight

He says that signs anxiety and stress are weighing you down can include raised heart rate, brain fog and getting less sleep than normal.

To cope, he suggests looking for positive news stories or creating some good news yourself.