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Building a Healthy Body During the Pandemic

By September 19, 2021Deadline Detroit

Originally Published at Deadline Detroit

In my role as a consultant physician specializing in preventive cardiology an Covid 19 outpatient care, I meet wonderful people from all over the world. This month I met David P, a local Detroiter who loves to write about Italian digestive drinks (amaros) and health.

His brother is hospitalized with a severe case of Sars-Cov2, a respiratory illness, and I have been providing assistance. He shared these wise words with me, what David calls the “WEAVE” program:

“At the very beginning of understanding the existence of Covid in early Feb 2020, and the subsequent lockdowns the next month in mid-March, people have been asked to mask-up…social distance… isolate… lockdown …wash hands and surfaces. These activities are typically reactive and ‘Avoidance’ activities.”

Dr. Joel Kahn

The CDC website has a link “How to Protect Yourself & Others” that lists eight preventative ways to lower your risk of Covid19:

►Get Vaccinated
► Wear a mask
►Stay 6 feet away from others
►Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated places
►Wash hands often
►Cover coughs and sneezes
►Clean and disinfect
►Monitor your health daily

Government and health spokespeople have generally not suggested building up one’s immune system or striving for wellness. Healthy people are less likely to become infected with Covid. Building a healthy body foundation includes suggestions such as:

►Losing weight.
►Eating healthy foods, avoiding fast foods.
►Maintaining a positive attitude to avoid depression.
►Taking key vitamins (e.g. D, C, zinc) & nutraceuticals (e.g. black/green tea, quercetin, curcumin),
►Exercising daily to keep strong.

Obese, older Americans especially with pre-existing conditions are not necessarily encouraged to reverse course and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is “easier” to put on a mask rather than lose 10 pounds or stop eating unhealthy foods.

Healthy Living via WEAVE

I propose following a “WEAVE” approach:

►Weight loss
►Eating healthy
►Positive attitude 
►Vitamins daily
►Exercises daily

Taking care of yourself and family are typically not talking points for the health establishment, or the media for that matter.

There does not appear to be encouragement to lose 10 pounds, to take vitamins, to work on building up the immune system.

I thank David P for allowing me to share the WEAVE program. Since he sent it to me, the National Institutes of Health has endorsed taking C, D and zinc supplements for immune health related to the pandemic.